Oskolsky plant of metallurgical machinery is an enterprise possessing necessary manufacturing capabilities for producing complex machined items for different  sectors of industry.

Completed technological cycle enables to control quality of the products at every stage of manufacturing process.

The plant has up-to-date equipment, multifunctional tools, mobile engineering.

Up-to-date technologies are applied at the plant. Convenient means of transport enables our customers to get necessary production as quickly as possible. In this respect the plant uses motor and rail transport.

On the 27th of October 1982 the first steel melting was made. OZMM went down in history as the first producer of electric steel in Belgorod region. Nowadays the list of articles manufactured by steel foundry shop enumerates about 800 items. New kinds of products are developed, serial production items are mastered as well. Press-forge shop contains three sections: press-forging section, metal construction section №1 and №2.

Technologies of producing forgings like cylinder with apertures, beams and plates, shafts and wheels are developed in press-forge shop. Procurement operations are implemented on  inclined throats, hydraulic and gyratory presses, thermal cutting machines, sheet benders. The technology of welding cylindrical parts is developed as well.

According to customers order forgings from press-forge shop can be delivered with guaranteed mechanical properties and heat treated.

The project capacity of machining and assembly shop of OZMM is 40 thousand tons of machined articles. Machining of large and small details is made on various metal- cutting tools: turning, vertical turning, horizontal boring, longitudinal-planning, milling and gear treating ones.
The shop has the equipment enabling to make full machining of articles from 4 to 1000 tons in weight, including tooth cutting on gear shaft, rings with module from 2 to 40mm, restoration of large housing details, volume hardening and hardening of tooth by r. f. current. Many tools are equipped with digital programs of control. The machining centers are created on the basis of horizontal-boring machine tools with automatic change of tools.
Nowadays machining and assembly shop produces about 300 complex articles.